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Monitor your Finances is the perfect tool to manage your personal finance.

Track your income, expenses, investments and more

See what's going on with all your accounts. Stay on top of your personal finances by tracking your financial progress and investments.

Manage accounts in multiple currencies

Designed for expats and people investing or working abroad, our multicurrency support makes it for you to keep track of your money in different currencies.

Import your Excel expense tracking spreadsheet

Import your expense tracker spreadsheet into so you never lose your financial statement.

Generate custom reports

Generate reports that help you track your expenses, over the time period you prefer. Compare income vs. expenses and get a clear overview by creating bar, pie or line reports.

Our Product

Your finances management from anywhere in the world for free

Getting your finances stable and becoming financially successful requires the development of good financial habits.

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Now, it's easy to control your finances. Check out some of the features, it's all free:

No limits

  • Unlimited number of transactions
  • Unlimited number of categories and sub​​-categories
  • Unlimited number of accounts


  • Choice of accounts in over 160 currencies
  • View reports of income and expenses, detailed and categorized expenses and much more


  • Export transactions to Excel, pdf, cvs or xml
  • Import ofx, qif, xls, xlsx and csv files from your internet banking

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